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The two newest returnees

KP531 has been nesting in Princeville for at least as long as I have been observing the albatrosses.  His favorite nesting area is not far from where the female with whom he raised several chicks likes to nest with her … Continue reading

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The first albatross to return to Princeville

I was a terrible keeper-of-the-blog last year, but I promise to be much better this season.  I will throw in some information about last year’s batch of birds in Princeville as the season progresses, in addition to stories of this … Continue reading

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Princeville chicks who were affected by the rains

There weren’t any, really. We all tend to give these birds our human qualities, but even surrounded by “civilization,” they lead the albatross life.  MK, the chick in my yard, had access to shelter, yet she chose to sit totally … Continue reading

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Cuteness covered in fluff

Of all of the 58 nests in Princeville, approximately 39% do not have a male.  56 of the nests are two females, and in one case, each of two female partners decided to build her own nest and lay an … Continue reading

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Unusual incubations

Someone asked me about the Princeville couple who incubated the cap from the end of a PVC pipe.  This occurred during the 2013-2014 season.  The following year they raised a healthy chick.  But during the 2015-2016 season, I never saw … Continue reading

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Gator and his new egg

Gator hatched in my neighbors’ yard in 2006.  He first came back in 2011, and by 2013 he had found a mate,  KP513, and they had a chick together.  They raised him in the same yard where Gator was a … Continue reading

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One of my favorite albatrosses

One of the rewards of visiting the albatrosses every day is that I have occasionally had the privilege of seeing one return for the first time since fledging.  When they first fledge, the do not come back to land until … Continue reading

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