A good observer must be able to recognize when a bird might be injured and need professional help.  We are fortunate to have the Save Our Shearwaters group (S.O.S.), located at the Kauai’i Humane Society, to help in an emergency.  A bird can be checked and treated there by people who have been trained in seabird rehabilitation.

My friend Marilou Knight (see Thanks to…) works at S.O.S. and I called her last season when one of the albatross chicks injured a leg while attempting to fledge.  Fortunately, the injury was not a serious one and the chick left the next day.

To read more about S.O.S please check here:


A big thank you to everyone who works at S.O.S.  The birds you help may not appreciate you but the people who care about those birds certainly do!

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