How many albatrosses have returned so far?

The albatrosses are drifting in one by one.  The same thing happens every year; it seems as though there just aren’t as many birds as there usually are.  So I sit down and count all of the ones I have seen.  As of yesterday….


We have three eggs so far.  Unfortunately, the first one was Bad Mama’s, the bird who always abandons her eggs.  Her poor, beleaguered mate, KP515, was faithfully executing his dad duties by taking the first shift.  Who knows, perhaps Bad Mama will surprise us all and raise her chick.  But as one person said, “Do we really want to spread those genes around?” This is one of the many things we do not really know about these birds.  Could a proclivity towards egg abandonment be inherited?  Or did she possibly suffer some type of brain injury?  Or are both possible?

The other two nests have parents that will faithfully execute their duties.  There are many more nests to come, undoubtedly.  I look forward to finding each one.

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1 Response to How many albatrosses have returned so far?

  1. Mona Gardner says:

    Great news told with great spirit! Thanks, as always.

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