Circle the bird that does not belong

Just don’t tell HIM that he doesn’t belong!

The golf course gang

The white bird at the top of the picture is a snow goose who usually hangs out with the local nenes.  No, people, this is NOT an albino nene.  I do not know how long this bird has been on Kauai, but I have been seeing him for at least 5 years.

The albatross eventually chased the nenes away, but not the snow goose.  Perhaps he is prejudiced in favor of this color combination.  More likely, he goes after the locals because the nenes can sometimes turn into a pushy little goose gang that a well-bred albatross finds offensive.

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2 Responses to Circle the bird that does not belong

  1. Alice McDevitt says:

    Good catch!

  2. Prudence Delamater says:

    Cutest observation ever!  Also very cleaver and worth publication:  picture and story in wider audience bird journal!  That’s my thought and encouragement to you. Prudence 

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