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First Egg

The first egg of the season was laid by a female that I call Bipolar Momma.  She and her mate, KP515, have been together for at least 10 years.  KP515 has proven to be a steadfast parent, Bipolar Momma has … Continue reading

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This is starting out as an unusual season

I knew that I was seeing more albatrosses than I usually do at this time of year, so I checked my Excel files.  This table shows, for each of the last 10 seasons,  the number of albatrosses that had appeared … Continue reading

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The Albatross Soap Opera: Episode 1

If you were to walk through my neighborhood yesterday you would have seen four albatrosses.  You would have appreciated the poetry that is “albatross,” the beauty, the grace, the pure white feathers, the albatross essence.  I see that, but I … Continue reading

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The first albatross of the season returns to Princeville

The same bird who was first last year, KP618, has returned. He fledged from Princeville 10 years ago and he is sitting in the yard where he was a chick. He raised 3 chicks with his mate. Unfortunately, she disappeared … Continue reading

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