About me

My name is Cathy Granholm.

If you live on the north shore of Kaua’i, you may have seen me between the months of November and July or August, checking the Laysan albatross nests in yards and on golf courses in the community of Princeville.  How many people get to say that they had an albatross nest in their yard for three years in a row?  Count me in that lucky group.

If you volunteer as I do at the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge you may have met me there.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you are probably a docent or a zookeeper or have some other connection to the Los Angeles Zoo, where I have been a docent for over 26 years.

If you live anywhere else, you may have seen me making my rounds in Princeville and stopped to ask me questions about the albatrosses.  I have met lots of very nice people from all over the world.

If  you are a resident or interested visitor,  I will let you know which chicks have made their first return visit to Princeville since fledging.  Some of you may remember a particular chick when he looked like a fuzzy ball of lint, or like an adult albatross wearing an ill-fitting, baby feather toupee.  They come back looking like the “after” model in an albatross makeover reality show.

Whoever you are, I hope you enjoy reading about some of my favorite part-time residents of Kauai’i….the feathered ones!

11 Responses to About me

  1. calvin proctor says:

    hi cathy, this is calvin proctor who you met at the golf course in prince ville, im back in huntington beach and im sorry i didnt have time two say good bye not much happen since i got back exept school but i hope you and the albatrosses are doing fine and i hope they are looking both ways before they cross the street

  2. Calvin says:

    Hi Cathy this is Calvin I’m back on the island and I saw the albatross chicks again and I can’t wait to see you again

  3. Cathy, I hope to meet you soon. We are here at Princeville right up the street from you on Ou Place. How blessed we all are to share our lives with these magnificent Albatross! Aloha, Prue

  4. Karen Bruns says:

    Kathy, my husband and I appreciate our winters and a few other weeks on Kauai. Like yourself, we volunteer at the Kilauea Lighthouse NPWR. Thank you for all you do keep so many aware of the best way to interact with the birds.

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  6. Elizabeth Schalock says:

    hi Cathy, I have found your blog and have to say you do a great job recording your research data. I was with Thomas the other day when one of the albatross made their fledge. As I have read your blog I sure hope I was not too close taking pictures. I also wondered if the sound my camera was making was disruptive (a beeping sound when it focused). This might be a suggestion for others to turn the sound off (sorry I didn’t think about that). My hope is the albatross was just ready to go since you said he had made an attempt earlier in the day. I felt very privileged to witness this event. I have several shots I’d like to share if you are interested when they are ready.
    take care and keep up the good work.
    Beth Schalock

  7. Aloha Cathy,
    we received your generous gift of a GoPro to Kure Atoll! I’m sure if anyone understands the value of video monitoring it’s you. We actually have had a breakthrough using these devices to resight and identify our 28 recently introduced endangered Laysan ducks (Anas laysanensis) to Kure. The video camera has proven a great tool to use in order to identify these birds without disturbing them. By translocating the ducks to Kure there are now 3 distinct populations (Laysan, Midway Atoll, Kure Atoll) which will increase the species’ chance of survival greatly. There are already plans to supplement the Kure population with 10-20 more ducks from Laysan to increase genetic diversity.

    We love your site!

    Please feel free to contact us and follow us on our Kure Atoll Conservancy Facebook page for updates : )

    • tradewindsla says:

      I loved being able to buy something that will help you learn more about these birds to help preserve the species. Every bit of knowledge that you add will contribute to their survival, it is the most worthy kind of cause that I can think of. Anyone reading this comment should go to http://kureatollconservancy.org to see if there is something you might be able to donate. It will go directly to the people in the field, who are no doubt underpaid and overworked but have chosen to dedicate themselves to keeping animals out of the “went extinct in the 21st century” file, which seems to expand with each passing day.

  8. Tammy says:

    Hi there! Just moved to Princeville and noticed a beautiful new neighbor today! An albatross! Then I came upon your blog. Seems like this one is attempting to make a nest which we can view from our dining room! What a magnificent animal! Our son looked out the window and saw the bird soaring – “look mommy! An eagle!”.

  9. Jess Kapp says:

    Hi Cathy! My family and I are long time Princeville visitors (15 years and counting), and are now living in Princeville for four months on a sabbatical. My son stumbled upon a mama on her nest under a big tree near the golf course, adjacent to Puamana condos. We have not disturbed her, but I have wandered close enough to take a few pictures. No sign of a chick yet, but I hope her presence is known and she is being protected/looked after. I would hate for someone who doesn’t know any better to disturb her nest. We are hoping to see a healthy little chick soon! She is beautiful. In all of my years visiting Kauai, this is the first time I am witnessing a mama albatross on her nest. I feel very grateful. My husband and I are scientists (geologists), and are always in awe at the natural beauty here on the north shore of Kauai. Best wishes with your work! Aloha.

  10. Karen Ellis says:

    Hi Cathy, My son and I enjoyed meeting you and Roger today. It was such an unexpected treat to view and learn about the juvenile albatrosses. It was kind of you to take the time to show a couple of tourists your sweet babies! Thanks, Karen Ellis

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