The two newest returnees

KP531 has been nesting in Princeville for at least as long as I have been observing the albatrosses.  His favorite nesting area is not far from where the female with whom he raised several chicks likes to nest with her new mate.  I am always glad to see the experienced nesters get back safely, and I will be happy to see his mate return to him.

BluKP226, Gator, is 12 years old.  His father is Great-grandpa Joseph, the patriarch of our neighborhood.  Joseph is at least 33 years old; he was banded as an adult at the Pacific Missile Range Facility.  He and two other old-timers, Mr. and Mrs. Clackypants, all nest in the same yard.  My neighbors run an albatross senior citizens’ facility there.  No annoying young couples need apply!

Just kidding!  Bob and Marion would welcome young couples, but Joseph prefers not to share his bushes, and Mr. Clackypants can be downright surly when someone tries to nest on his lawn.

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2 Responses to The two newest returnees

  1. I love how you fill us in on their very distinct personalities! What a funny and endearing post.

  2. Phyllis Easterling says:

    So glad you are back. I bet your neighborhood is filled with the wonderful sounds of clacking and mooing. I loved visiting last spring. It was a dream come true to be surrounded by such beautiful birds. Can’t wait to hear all the news this year!

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