How to let a male albatross know that he should shove off

When bluKP226, Gator, started following half of a female/female couple around my street, this is what she did:

  1. She stopped and faced him.
  2. She spread her wings out so she seemed to be much larger than Gator.
  3. She lifted her bill into the air, thereby increasing her height.
  4. She screamed.  She is woman, hear her roar!

Gator turned around and walked briskly back to my neighbor’s front yard.  He was able to jump another female, also part of a female/female couple, and I hope that the couple chooses to incubate the egg that he fertilized.  We need more chicks; males like Gator are willing to do their part.  We have so many female/female couples in Princeville, and every season they waste many hours patiently sitting on infertile eggs.  Given the chance, they always show good mothering skills.  So I say, “Thank you, Gator, for your contribution to the future of this species.”

Such a forward-thinking bird!

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3 Responses to How to let a male albatross know that he should shove off

  1. i hope the egg is fertilized, and I hope he jumps a few more females in female-female couples with good mothering skills!

    • I still wish Gator would get a loyal mate of his own, though. He deserves that, and he’d be a good egg incubator; i just know it.

      • tradewindsla says:

        I think Gator may have found a mate. He spent some quality time last year with an unbanded bird, and he was sitting in my neighbor’s yard with, possibly, the same bird. I can’t be sure it is the same albatross, since there is no identification on the bird, but it would make sense. I will let you know if I see Gator on a nest. I am going to ask the state biologist who bands albatrosses to band as many unbanded nesters as possible this season!

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