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Albatross babies!

The busiest time of the year for an albatross observer begins at the end of January. After 63 days or so of sitting quietly in their eggs, the chicks begin to make their way out into the world. The parent … Continue reading

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Update to my last entry

I last wrote about 531, his former mate, A378 and his current mate, K407. He relieved K407 on their nest on December 25th and spent about 2 weeks incubating their egg. A378 sat about 2 feet away from him for … Continue reading

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An albatross making difficult choices

One character who has been here since I moved to Princeville in 2001 is 531. He raised 6 chicks with his former mate, 467, between 2004 and 2010. In November of 2010 they had an egg but treated it differently … Continue reading

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