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Article about Princeville albatrosses

I was interviewed by a Princeville homeowner and writer, Mary Ann Colihan, for the July/August issue of the Troon Golf & Travel digital magazine.  The story is about the albatrosses who nest on the Makai Golf Course.  If you would … Continue reading

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Good bye, Kirwan!

July 12th was the last time I saw Kirwan. I saw him when I walked my dog earlier that morning.  He gave Chico stink eye as we walked by, as he always did.  Ten minutes later I glanced out my … Continue reading

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Beginning of the end of the season

Almost two weeks ago I got a call from a friend who lives next to the Makai golf course.  She had seen one of the chicks walking down the fairway straight towards the ocean, with the confident stride of one … Continue reading

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