Princeville chicks who were affected by the rains

There weren’t any, really.

We all tend to give these birds our human qualities, but even surrounded by “civilization,” they lead the albatross life.  MK, the chick in my yard, had access to shelter, yet she chose to sit totally unprotected as thunder and lightning shook my house, and while the heaviest rain I can ever remember formed rivers through my yard.  She sits alone most of the time, with the occasional visit by a pesky non-nester.  She has no reason to be afraid of anything.  It is not a question of courage, she is a part of the natural world, she meets challenges as they arise; she has no time to waste in the human activity of anticipating problems.

Here is a photo I took the day after the storms.  She spent the day grooming her feathers; she lost more of her baby fluff to the rain.  The white feathers on her tail add to her overall cuteness, of course.

Can there be any more human concept than cuteness?  As my late mother would say, “Who cares?”

MK, the day after the storm


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7 Responses to Princeville chicks who were affected by the rains

  1. Lovely, Cathy! So true! Mahalo!

  2. Prudence Delamater says:

    Cathy, Thanks so much for posting and sharing this picture. Wow, am so glad she is just fine!! Prudence

  3. Phyllis Easterling says:

    You reminded me of that great quote from Wendell Berry – “I come into the peace of wild things
    who do not tax their lives with forethought of grief.” I’m so glad MK and the other chicks are doing well. I enjoyed meeting you and the chicks while we were in Kauai a month ago. You were so nice to give my husband and I the “grand tour” of the neighborhood. We really enjoyed hearing all of the background on the Albatross families. So sad to hear of all the devastation from the storm, I hope you have some sunny days ahead.

  4. tradewindsla says:

    Thanks for all your comments! Phyllis, I love that quote, I’m saving it in my quotes file. It certainly applies to the albatross community. I wish I could be more like them!

    • Phyllis Easterling says:

      Me too!!! I wish I could live in the moment and enjoy the rain as “just rain”
      and nothing more!

  5. Thank you for this report on the albatross and this picture of the adorable chick! It’s amazing that they were not affected by the storms – and the Wendell Berry quote by Phyllis. I love reading your posts; it’s always a little lift to see one in my inbox. I hope the weather is kinder to you now.

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