20 albatrosses have returned

As of yesterday, I had seen 20 albatrosses in Princeville.

The great majority were in my neighborhood:  13.  Six are on the golf course, I saw another one just once in another residential neighborhood where they nest.

It always starts with a trickle, then the numbers seem to increase exponentially.  Some of them disappear periodically, perhaps to grab a bite to eat.  Or they may have met up with their mates already.  Unless an observer can watch them every minute of the day, it is very likely that nesters could have met up, mated, and left on their “pre-egg laying exodus,” which generally takes about 10 days.  When they return, the egg is laid and incubation begins.

It looks like we will have a good year!

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2 Responses to 20 albatrosses have returned

  1. Donna Hodge says:

    We’ll be there in 2 weeks (Dec 2). I am hoping to see lots of albatross sitting around! Thanks for keeping us updated on your diary. I love your emails!


  2. Great report! I hope you and the albatrosses will have a good year.

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