Three more come home

Two more from my neighborhood returned:

Mr. Clackypants

  • He was banded as an adult in 1989, like Joseph, and he is at least 31 years old.
  • He had a nest in the 1989-1990 season with an unknown mate, but it was unsuccessful.
  • He and Mrs. Clackypants were rebanded in 2004.
  • They have raised 6 chicks since 2004.
  • They have had bad eggs for the last 3 years.


  • Originally banded as a chick in 1989 on Whale-Skate Island on French Frigate Shoals in Northwest Hawaiian Islands.  That island has been totally submerged under the rising sea level.
  • Rebanded on Oahu in 2008.
  • Raised 4 chicks with her mate, K233, at end of Keoniana Road.
  • Last season, her mate raised a chick with another female.  PurpleO324 also had a chick but he died.  K233 would not help her with the chick.
  • She is now sitting not far from where K233 successfully raised his chick last season.  His new mate, KP465, is another of Joseph’s children.  She is also the grandmother of Joseph’s great-grandchick.

There is one albatross from another residential neighborhood:

KP515, Bad Mama’s mate.

  • 515 is a good parent, but most years his mate, “Bad Mama,” abandons their egg.
  • If I could, I would match him up with a nearby female who raised her chick single-handed for most of last season, after her mate failed to return during incubation.  This is highly unusual, chicks with one parent usually die of dehydration/malnutrition/exposure.

It may surprise everyone to know that these birds never listen to my advice.  It is a miracle that Joseph and Elaine got together, and I take no credit.

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1 Response to Three more come home

  1. I wish you could match KP515 with poor Purple O324 – I hope she is not in for another year of heartbreak from K233. It’s also sad to read how many eggs are bad, and how many chicks don’t make it.

    These birds should listen to your advice!

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