First nests

Yesterday marks the official start of the nesting season for the Princeville albatrosses.  Two eggs have been laid.

This is a photo of a new mom, bluKP416, and her mate, KP400.  Last year was their first season nesting together, and unfortunately they had an egg which failed to develop.

First nest in Princeville

First nest in Princeville

Sometimes they build a nest before the egg is laid, in other instances the nest is built up around the egg.  It should be interesting to watch the parents pulling grass and possibly digging a moat around the nest, which can prevent flooding when it rains.

In another area, an unbanded bird was yanking vegetation and stuffing it around herself (or himself) while sitting on a brand new egg.  This is a bird who has never nested in the area.  There may be a mate, or this could be a female who is on her own.

There will be more eggs in days to come, undoubtedly.  Let us hope that all of the chicks will be well fed, that the parents will not face a drastic reduction in their food supply caused by the warming of ocean water by El Nino.

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  1. Lisa Swett says:

    How exciting. Thanks sooo much for sending this. Lisa

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