We now have 8 chicks, and 4 more are in the process of hatching. There will be more after that, too. Last year we had 10 chicks total.

Here are a couple of photos of KP618 and his chick:

KP618 and chick

KP618 and chick

KP618 grooms chick

KP618 grooms chick

Lindbergh finally made an appearance. I often see new parents standing over their chicks, giving them some breathing room but ready to sit back on them should any possible threat to the chick appear.

BluKP080 and chick

BluKP080 and chick

I stay far from the nest if it is raining because it is so important for the nest to remain dry. The parent must stay on the chick to keep him warm.

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1 Response to Cuteness

  1. Mona Gardner says:

    Wonderful pix! Thanks, as always

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