Albatross babies!

The busiest time of the year for an albatross observer begins at the end of January. After 63 days or so of sitting quietly in their eggs, the chicks begin to make their way out into the world. The parent on the nest will not help, other than to offer words of encouragement. The chick develops a horny growth on top of his bill, called the “egg tooth,” which will help him to break through the hard shell.

Meet Lindbergh, who is just beginning to make his way out into the world.

Lindbergh pipping

Lindbergh pipping

The white spot on his bill is the egg tooth. It will fall off eventually, after he has used it to break out of the shell.

Last year his parents nested for the first time. Something was wrong with their egg, it broke during the early stages of incubation. I hope that this is the first of many chicks to come.

One of the first chicks to hatch is in my neighborhood. His parents have raised 4 chicks in the last 9 years, they are experienced pros. This is the father, KP730, standing over his chick.

KP730 with his chick

KP730 with his chick

And here is a closeup of the chick:



If nobody minds seeing fluffy chicks in all their cuteness, I will be showing more photos like these in days to come. If anyone does object, please tell me, what is wrong with you?

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4 Responses to Albatross babies!

  1. Mona Gardner says:

    So happy to see them! No one I know objects to seeing them and many others. Thanks, as always.

  2. Donna Hodge says:

    So amazing! Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into your world. My husband and I will be on our way tomorrow morning. Maybe we will get lucky enough to peek at a chick (from a distance)!

  3. Prudence Delamater says:

    Miracles! Would love to walk with you you tomorrow at 2. Prudence Delamater from au pl.
    hale o Imi loa

  4. Aloha Cathy! Mahalo for more amazing close-up photos of these incredible birds and their adorable little fluff ball chicks! 🙂 I hope you and Prue do get to meet up and do rounds together later today! Hi to both of you- and the birds!! I hope to get up this Monday or Tuesday if one day is better for you than the other?! Aloha for now, Gayle

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