The first couple in Princeville

Last year one of the first albatrosses to return to Princeville was KP792.  Her mate, KP505, returned a week later.  This year KP792 came back a day earlier, and her mate was here the next day.  They have been spending quality time together in the back yard where they nested 2 years ago.  Albatrosses that have a close relationship, like nesters and other couples who are spending most of their time here together, sit close together and gently groom each other.

I wrote about this couple last year.  KP505 had nested with another female, KP729, in the 07-08 and 08-09 season.  In 09-10, KP505 came back with the other nesters in November, but KP729 did not come back until January, and she left in February.  KP505 met KP792 and they spent more and more time together.  The following year they nested together, leaving his first mate out in the cold.  If I could give advice to albatrosses I would tell them to spend lots of time with their mates, even when they are not nesting.  They need to keep renewing that bond, or they may end up alone.

KP792 and KP505

KP792 and KP505

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  1. beckyofkauai says:

    Those last two sentences are good advice for humans, too. 😉

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