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Princeville patriarch returns

I am always so relieved when Joseph, Princeville’s great-grandfather, comes back to Kauai. He has an interesting history. Joseph was originally banded as an adult at the Pacific Missile Range Facility, the navy base on Kauai, on March 3, 1989. … Continue reading

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First albatross sighting

I have been checking the usual places for albatrosses for the last few days.  The first one arrived at the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge on November 9th, which is a bit later than usual.  Princeville always has a first … Continue reading

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Dalton – part 2

Friday and Saturday were more of the same for Dalton: some flapping, moving from safe spot to safe spot.  He was definitely restless, but he never made any move to walk out to the nearby ocean bluff  to fledge.  The … Continue reading

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Getting ready to leave

Saturday was a big day in Albatross Land; two chicks fledged that morning. One was Orion, who disappeared from a neighbor’s front yard on Friday.  I have no idea where he went, but by the next morning he had made … Continue reading

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Listen up, chick!

I have pointed out before that these birds refuse to read what they are supposed to do according to the literature.  This results in social gaffes like: divorce non-nesters hanging around in Princeville when they should be spending all their … Continue reading

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Name that lunch!

I have on occasion found some unusually disgusting rejected meals sitting next to albatross chicks.  Sometimes a parent will try to stuff an incredibly large piece of food down the chick’s throat.  This is generally a large chunk of squid … Continue reading

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Albie quiz

Are these two adults the adoring parents of this chick, eager to feed him a wonderful meal? Or are they two good-for-nothing, pesky non-nesters, just using a poor chick as a backdrop for their annoying, pathetic attempts at courtship? There … Continue reading

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Marital dispute

I was hoping to have another chick in my yard this year.  I think Kirwan was the most photographed albatross in Princeville last season, standing by the side of the road, running to Mom or Dad with an excited little … Continue reading

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Little inconveniences of living in Princeville

I just had to take a detour through my yard to get the newspaper that was left in my driveway.  There was an albatross sitting on the flagstone path from my front door. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

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Nest update

On Saturday we had 8 nests in Princeville. We now have 32! I know already that a number of them will not produce a viable chick.  I found an abandoned egg in my neighbor’s yard, not far from where I … Continue reading

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