Albie quiz

Are these two adults the adoring parents of this chick, eager to feed him a wonderful meal?

Or are they two good-for-nothing, pesky non-nesters, just using a poor chick as a backdrop for their annoying, pathetic attempts at courtship?

There are non-nesters that a chick can tolerate, but they do not travel in pairs.  Here is the same chick with K342, an adult that just likes to sit near chicks.

Chick 23 and K342

Chick 23 and K342

At this time of year, never assume that the adult you see sitting near a chick is a parent, unless he or she is actually feeding the little one.  Mom and Dad are spending most of their time searching for food for the chick and for themselves, and usually do not have much time to waste sitting near the nest.  In fact, when I do see parents, they are often sitting at a distance from the chick.  I do not know if they do that to get the chick used to being alone or if they simply do not want to be pestered for food.  You will rarely see the two parents at the nest at the same time, the odds are overwhelmingly against that fortuitous timing.

Here are the chick totals for the last 5 years:

2016-2017       20

2015-2016       16

2014-2015       22

2013-2014       10

2012-2013       18

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  1. Tomo says:

    Not in front of the children, please!

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