Albatross totals

So far I this season I have seen 58 banded albatrosses.  I have also seen some unbanded ones, but I do not know how many different ones I have seen.

Last year in the same time period I saw 38 banded albatrosses, along with some unbanded ones.

Things are looking good here in Princeville!

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2 Responses to Albatross totals

  1. Uh, what albatross wouldn’t want to nest in Princeville? The word is getting out!

  2. tradewindsla says:

    Of all the communities they could have chosen, Princeville is probably the safest for them. It is not just the residents who look out for them, the visitors do, too. In fact, I see some of the same visitors year after year, and they often ask about their favorite albatross!

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