Sad story – part 1

I talked about K233 in my last post.  He and his mate, purpleO324, have been together since the 2009-2010 season, and have raised 4 chicks together.

Last season, they did not have an egg.

If I ever run a marriage counseling office for albatrosses, one of my first rules will be, “In seasons when you are not nesting, make a point of coming back to your home base frequently; work on keeping your relationship with your mate strong.”

Last season, K233 came back on November 18th.  He waited alone for 4 days, then purpleO324 returned, and they displayed together.  They were together on only one more day, and she was here for another 2 days on her own.

But another female, KP465, spent a total of 41 days in Princeville, and K233 was here for 29.  They spent at least 5 of their days here together, either displaying or gently grooming each other.  That was enough to convince K233 to end his partnership with purpleO324.

My neighbor saw two birds in her yard attacking another, and she said the third bird was bleeding.  I got my camera and went over to see.

What happened?

What happened?

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2 Responses to Sad story – part 1

  1. i hope they are both ok. you’d be a great albatross marriage counselor! 🙂

  2. tradewindsla says:

    I inadvertently published my post before I finished it, so I will continue part 2 tomorrow! And, unfortunately, I do not speak albatross well enough to counsel them. All I can say is, “Where’s my chick?” and “Mommy!” “Daddy!”

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