First albatross returns to Princeville

KP400 is always one of the first albatross residents to return to Princeville, after several months of fattening up on all the ocean goodies, perhaps flying as far north as Alaska.

KP400 - First albatross to return to Princeville

KP400 – First albatross to return to Princeville

He was raised in the same neighborhood that he returns to every year.  He fledged in 2003, then first returned in 2007.  In 2009 he nested with K206, and they raised three chicks together.  Sadly, his mate did not return in the 2013-2014 season, but he met another female, bluKP216, and they nested together the following two seasons.

In both seasons, this couple had a fertilized egg that did not result in a chick.  Both of them incubated these eggs faithfully.  Let us hope that this year they are able to raise a healthy young one.  KP400 was a devoted father, and judging by his mate’s ready acceptance of incubation duties, she should be a superb mother.

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9 Responses to First albatross returns to Princeville

  1. Mona Gardner says:

    Hooray! So looking forward to following these magnificent creatures. If Liho returns this year, please let us know. Best to you and family. Mona

    • tradewindsla says:

      I will definitely keep an eye out for Liho! I really hope he or she finds a mate on the part of the golf course that overlooks the ocean. I hate to see more birds nest on the wrong side of Ka Haku, then their chicks will have to walk across that busy street to fledge. The albatross singles’ bar is always on the ocean side, so I’m hoping Liho ends up there.

  2. Louise says:

    And, with the albatross, the blog posts return too. Missed the birds and your posts, Kathy! Looking forward to another wonderful season in the ‘hood.

  3. Lisa Swett says:

    Thank you, thank you. So exciting!!

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    • tradewindsla says:

      I love living in an albatross neighborhood. We not only get the albatrosses back, we get visitors from all over the world who come to see them, and they are all nice people. Bird People are the best!

  4. yay for the return of KP400! I wonder why the chicks don’t incubate? that is very sad. Kudos to him for getting another mate and i’ll be hoping and praying they get a healthy chick to raise this time. Your posts are here just in time to cheer us in this part of the world, going into late fall/winter!

  5. tradewindsla says:

    I am always so relieved when I see a familiar albatross. There is nothing worse than watching one wait and wait for a mate that never returns. I hope they ALL come back to Princeville!

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