Searching for an intruder

When I was editing my film for yesterday’s post, I heard the distinctive sounds of an albatross chick below my living room window.  Kirwan could hear his food-begging vocalizations on the tape, and I think he wanted to know why there was a chick in my house, possibly stealing one of his meals.  Was Mom in there, too?  He had moved from his stump, where he was sitting in this photo, to a spot under my window.

Kirwan sitting below my window

Kirwan sitting below my window

When I opened the curtain to see, he was looking up at me.  Of course I did not have my camera there, so I ran to get it.  when I came back, he was checking under my house for that albatross.

Where IS that bird?

Where IS that bird?

He never found him!

I am really going to miss this little guy….

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4 Responses to Searching for an intruder

  1. Colleen Hodgson says:

    I can just imagine Kirwan’s confusion. What a wonderful picture, I love his/her feet.

  2. tradewindsla says:

    He has been so entertaining. When the chicks have all fledged, life in Princeville is way too quiet and predictable!

  3. What a little sweetheart – so adorable with his big floppy feet.

  4. Prudence Delamater says:

    What a sweetheart friend he has become!!!

    Prudence Ferris Delamater


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