The first albatross of the season returns to Princeville

The same bird who was first last year, KP618, has returned. He fledged from Princeville 10 years ago and he is sitting in the yard where he was a chick. He raised 3 chicks with his mate. Unfortunately, she disappeared during incubation of their last egg two years ago. But last year he met a female whose mate also disappeared two years ago. She has also helped to raise 3 chicks. Last year I observed this couple sitting quietly together in gentle grooming sessions on 9 different occasions, and neither one was interested in anyone else.  Based on their combined experience, they will be good parents.

It is interesting how quickly some albatrosses find a new mate, while others have a much more difficult time.  How are they different from each other?  I would love to know the answer to that one.

KP618, waiting for KP252

KP618, waiting for KP252

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4 Responses to The first albatross of the season returns to Princeville

  1. Mona Gardner says:


  2. Holly says:

    I just sighted an albatross flying in off the ocean over Hale Kailani, headed your way!

  3. Prudence Delamater says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in Jan.

    Prudence Ferris Delamater


  4. tradewindsla says:

    I am hoping we have more chicks than last year, when we had just ten. Keep your fingers crossed!


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