Nest choices

One couple chose to build their nest at the bottom of a hill.  They decided that my life was way too easy and that I needed the thrill of climbing up and down slippery grass to check on them.  It is a terrible spot for a nest, an area where heavy rain would be likely to run down hill to the lowest point, which is where the nest was.

bottom of the hill
bottom of the hill

On Saturday night a storm hit Kauai.  Twelve inches fell at Mt. Waialeale, an area that is often the wettest spot on earth.  Look at the photo above, and try to guess what happened.  Not only was the egg gone, there was no trace of the nest left.  The parent was nowhere to be seen.  When something catastrophic happens to a nest, the parent who was on the egg will usually wait in the area until the mate returns.  They will renew their bond before flying out to sea.  Perhaps this parent was too traumatized to stay there.  I will keep checking for her.

Another couple picked a site with lovely mountain views:

the mountain scenery

Here is the view in the other direction, looking towards an ocean bluff:

an ocean view

This is a perfect fledging spot for a chick, who will be able to fly into the breezes coming in from over the sea, thus beginning his new life as an adult albatross.

How do they decide where to put their nests?

Please let me know if one them tells you.


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