The first albatross returns to Princeville

Every year I start checking for albatrosses around November 7th, a few days before I think they will actually begin to arrive in Princeville.  The earliest I have ever seen one is November 11th.  Yesterday afternoon while walking my dog in my neighborhood I heard the familiar bill clacking of an albatross warning the non-albatrosses to stay away.

It was KP618, who hatched 9 years ago in the yard where he is sitting now.  His father disappeared and his mother relocated to the golf course, where she has raised chicks with another female since 2008.  Every year they have a fertile egg.  I think it would be so interesting to do DNA testing of these birds to see who is related to whom.  There might be some surprises there.

KP618 first nested at the young age of 5, and over the years he and his mate have successfully raised 3 chicks.

Welcome home, KP618.  I hope your mate returns very soon, and I look forward to watching you both raise a fat, healthy chick this season.

KP618 resting after his long flight

KP618 resting after his long flight

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6 Responses to The first albatross returns to Princeville

  1. Mona Gardner says:

    Great news! My friends and I were in Princeville in September, knowing we wouldn’t see albatrosses. Next time, we plan to come in March (2016)–partly to see what you’ve been writing about seine we met you on Liho’s tee box in 2011. Best wishes and thanks.

    • tradewindsla says:

      Hi Mona,

      March is a good month because the parents are still hanging around, so you can see them interact with their chicks.

      I’ll give you and your friends a tour of my neighborhood when you come. We always have about half of the nests here, all within a couple of blocks.

      I’m going to be posting stories about fledging from last season. I fell so far behind in my blog this year, but I promise to be better about it this year!


  2. The new season has certainly started early! Such a surprise, but I was so happy to see KP618, as the first arrival, and am looking forward to all your posts this year, Cathy! Thanks for all you do!
    – Louise

  3. alice mcdevitt says:

    And so it begins. Life is a cycle. It so comforts me. Blessings this seasons Kathy and all our albatross kin.

  4. Cathy, Thank you so much for your devotion, bringing all of us pictures into the life of Albatross. How blessed we are to have KP618 and all his brothers and sisters visit us each year. Mahalo
    from a periodic neighbor on Kauai, Prudence Delamater

    ps: Will be back the end of January 2014. Hope to take another walk with you.

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