Fairway chick moves

In my last post I wrote about the chick who has made the golf fairway his hangout spot.  He is always there, and while I can get him to move temporarily, the minute I start to walk away he is waddling back out to the fairway .  But today when I checked on him he was sitting in the safer area in the middle of the course.

fairway chick back in nest area

fairway chick back in nest area

When parents return to feed their chicks, they seem to prefer to be close to the site of the original nest.  When this chick’s mother came back, she made the chick walk all the way across the fairway to join her in the center of the golf course.

That is, if he wanted to be fed.

P462 and chick

KP462 and chick

Will the chick return to the fairway when Mom leaves?

Stay tuned.

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1 Response to Fairway chick moves

  1. Tomo says:

    Golf courses are a pet peeve of mine – they take up precious land and turn it into artificial habitat (not at all like Scotland, no matter what golfers say), divert huge amounts of water and are bathed in pesticides, herbicides and, worst of all, high nitrate fertilizers. I say get the golfers and their course off the island!

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