My nesters, KP466 and K407

This year I had a female/female couple nesting in my garden.  Unfortunately. the egg was infertile.  Eventually it somehow ended up out of the nest and broken, and was therefore abandoned.

Last year this couple was nesting across the street from me, and when their infertile egg broke they started sitting together in my garden, gently grooming each other, sometimes displaying, sometimes just sleeping near each other.  They spent over a week there.  I was not surprised, therefore, when they chose to nest there this season.  Now they have been sitting in my neighbors’ yard for the last few days, leaving occasionally, but always returning to the same spot.  I am very happy for my neighbors and I hope Kp466 and K407 are able to raise a chick next season.

In the last 9 years, they have faithfully incubated 6 bad eggs, raised 2 chicks successfully, and raised one chick who died just before reaching fledging age.  They were both devoted parents and deserve to have a healthy chick to take care of.

Here is a moment from one of their displays that I filmed in my yard:

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2 Responses to My nesters, KP466 and K407

  1. Louise says:

    Hey Cathy,
    Thank you for being so devoted to this couple, I hope they come back to you, or close by in the next door yard next year. It’s great that they’ve been together so many years, I’m still enjoying watching them hang out together now, and I’m already looking forward to seeing them reunite next year.

  2. Cath

    Thank you for this display of love! How blessed we all are to have these two Albatross share with us and you film them! I miss you and am so grateful to you for our walk together! I look forward to walking with you again next Jan. Prue Delamater

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