Chick flick

On January 25th, I filmed KP792 with her chick.  You will see her talking to the chick.  In a crowded nesting area like Midway, chicks and parents need to be able to recognize each other’s voices.  In a place like Princeville where the nests are so spread out, this may not be so important;  but instinct is instinct.

I think if you could hear the chick underneath his mother, you would be hearing the albatross equivalent of, “Ouch!”  It must be a bit claustrophobic under there.  Eventually the chick will be strong enough to wriggle his way part way out, like this one:

KP493 and his chick

KP493 and his chick

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2 Responses to Chick flick

  1. Soooo cute! Thinking of you today when telling a friend about your devoted care to Princeville Albatross, while we walked the Baylands in Palo Alto Calif. watching the Canadian Geese and thousands of other birds glittering on the water and singing in the sun, as we walked our puppies down the path. Prue Delamater ps: back to Princeville in Sept.

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