Our first nest

We have our first nest in Princeville, as of November 19th.  KP792 and KP505 mated on November 12th.  KP792, the female, returned on the 18th and built a nest.  When KP505 returns he will assume incubation duties.  The first shift is usually the longest, because the female has to recover her energy after growing the egg inside and then laying it.  This is a good reason for a female to choose her mate wisely!

KP792 sitting on first Princeville egg

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2 Responses to Our first nest

  1. Tom Southwick says:

    Hi Cathy, is this early, late or about normal for the first nest?

    • tradewindsla says:

      Over the last 8 seasons, I have found the first egg anywhere from the 19th to the 26th. The average is about the 22nd. Twice I have found it on the 19th, and both times it belonged to KP792 and KP505!

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