Calypso and KC

Here is an update about the fledglings in Princeville.  As of July 4th, 15 out of 20 chicks have left.  I thought I would share a few of their stories.

Two chicks left on July 1st.  One was Calypso, Lord of the Dirt Pile.  His favorite spot in recent days was atop a large mound of soil at the site of a new house being built near his nest area.  He left quietly, with no fuss, not even a quick good-bye.  I can tell you that when he comes back, no sooner than 3 years from now, he will be given a very warm reception by everyone who lived or worked near him or who looked for him on his dirt pile as they drove towards the fountain on their way out of Princeville.

Calypso on his (or her) dirt pile

Here’s a closeup:

Calypso’s close-up

On the other hand, KC was spotted making his way across the Makai golf course towards the nearby ocean bluff.  He took off without a second of hesitation.  As with Calypso, his fans will be looking for him several years from now.

KC resting

Every fledging is different, because every albatross is unique.  I will share more with you in days to come.

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