Updates on two females


In my November 27th post I talked about KP467, whose long-time mate, KP531, had spent lots of time with another female last year while KP467 was away.  KP531 chose to sit on this other female’s egg, and after sitting on her own egg for a month, KP467 finally had to abandon hers to return to the sea and eat.  After about a week I started seeing her walking around the neighborhood again.

My neighbor, Bob Waid, actually saw KP467 go up to her former mate and snap at him, and Bob took a photo of KP531 snapping back at her.  You can see it on his website at:


Just to make this story sound like a scene from a movie about jilted wives:  KP729, whose mate also left her for another female, was walking with KP467 when she visited KP531.


I featured KP679 in my January 3rd post, “Biography of an albatross.”  Sometimes females lay eggs when they have no apparent mate, at least not one who will help with incubation.  KP679 sat on her egg from December 18th through January 3rd, then left it.  I put a sign up asking people not to get too close to the nest because she might return to it.  She finally did, on January 24th.

KP679 returns to her egg

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