The soap opera continues…

This is a continuation of my last entry, for November 27th.  I was discussing the whole albatrosses-mate-for-life thing, and told the story of KP467, who laid her egg a week ago and has been waiting for her long time mate, KP531, to take over incubation duties.  Last year he spent some time with K112 and I also saw them sitting close together and quietly grooming each other this season.  K112 was gone for about a week and she just returned.  And laid an egg.

Tomorrow I will go see if KP531 has chosen which egg he will be sitting on, and by extension, who will be his mate and who he will raise a chick with.  Of course, even though I collect my data and record it in a manner befitting an impartial observer, the totally non-scientific, all too human part of me will still feel a little sadness for the female who is rejected.

I’m closing today on an upbeat note, with a photo taken by John Erwin from his second story lanai next to the golf course.  They really are beautiful birds, aren’t they?

photo by John Erwin

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1 Response to The soap opera continues…

  1. beckyofkauai says:

    Yes, they are very beautiful birds.

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