It was another quiet day on Wednesday.  Blue 027  continues to sit in the middle of the golf course, waiting for her mate.  KP731 has not been joined by his mate on the same golf course yet.  KP792, the female from my neighborhood who sat with Blu 027 a couple of days ago, is back in the yard where her nest was last year.

So I thought I would introduce you to a chick from last season.  Meet Gaga, the golf course chick who created some problems for me by insisting upon sitting on the nice, warm golf cart path.  She would not be dissuaded by a mere human like me.  In this photo  you can see from the marks on the path that she was moving around.  She was only about six weeks old then.

Gaga near the golf cart path

I bought some fencing and John Bowen offered to put it up.

John puts up fence for Gaga

She stayed behind the fence, fortunately.  She was well cared for by her two moms.  About 30% of all the albatross couples nesting in Kaua’i are female-female pairs.  Sometimes they have one or two infertile eggs in the nest, sometimes they have a good one.  This couple had a fertile egg, which hatched into Gaga.  I have been referring to this bird as a “she,” but we will not know the sex until we can get a DNA test on a feather that was taken from her when she was banded.  I think the human Gaga would appreciate the unique beauty of the albatross Gaga.

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  1. beckyofkauai says:

    I was born this way!

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