No new faces today….

Today I saw blue KP027 on the Lakes golf course.  This is her third day there, not far from the area where she and her mate usually nest.  Last year her mate built a nest and laid an egg and incubated it for three days.  The next day she was gone.  Normally, the one who lays the egg leaves when her mate takes over incubation duties.  But blue KP027 was sitting far away from the nest, leaving the egg unattended. Last year almost half of the eggs were abandoned.  After that the two periodically met there and sat close together, gently grooming each other.  They were both gone by the end of February.

In my neighborhood we had the same three albatrosses that were here yesterday.  One waited by my neighbor’s front door, not far from where she and her mate had a nest two years ago.

KP467 waiting for her mate....

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